We Have Been Using Land Trust For Over 25 Years. We Are Trustees For Many Real Estate Investors Across The USA!

Welcome to Virginia Land Trust Services

Virginia Land Trust ServicesEarl Lawrence is the owner of VirginiaLandTrustService.com and principal of Citi Trustee Services LLC.  He has been using Virginia Land Trusts for his personal real estate investment properties since the early 1980’s and has acted as Trustee for knowledgeable real estate investor across the USA for over 25 years.

Citi Trustee Services LLC (DBA: CTS LLC) was formed in response to experienced financial friends and real estate investor’s need for a nexus to the State of Virginia Land Trust law.  Virginia is one of a very few states that have a statute law allowing and sanctioning the use of land trusts to hold title to real estate.

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The Virginia statute law provide numerous legal benefits to real estate investors and home owners that title property using Virginia land trust law.

Citi Trustee Services LLC goal is to make those benefits available to real estate investors and home owners who may not have in residence or nexus to Virginia for a reasonable fee.

Citi Trustee Services LLC or it’s personnel does not provide legal or accounting advice and will not knowingly engage in or be party to illegal transactions, money laundering or tax fraud schemes.

Our fees are fair and reasonable. There is no charge for a short get acquainted” phone call.  Email us to arrange a time for the call.

Our basic fee to set up a land trust and the serve as trustee for the first year is $500.00. There are additional charges for various other services that you may require from time to time.  Quotes for various services on request.

We have a record of fast service.  I you have special needs for speed, we normally can accommodate you.


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