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Virginia is one of a very few states that have state statute law allowing and sanctioning the use of land trusts to hold title to real estate. Virginia law provides numerous legal benefits to real property owners who use a land trust.

The purpose of CTS, LLC, is to make those legal benefits available to real estate investors and real property owners in all states at a reasonable price.

CTS. LLC. does not provide legal or accounting advice and will not knowingly engage in or be party to illegal transactions, money laundering or tax fraud schemes.

Our fees are fair and reasonable. There is no charge for a short “get acquainted” phone call. Email us to arrange a time for the phone call.

The basic fee to set up a land trust and first year’s trustee fee is $300. The annual trustee fee is $100 a year thereafter. There is a basic fee of $150 to close the trust and for a routine deed to successor trustee or new owner. If you have more than one trust with CTS LLC at the same time with the same beneficiary, future trusts are $250 each to set up.

Most experienced investors only have one parcel of land in each trust. If you choose to have multi-parcel trusts there will be an additional fee. Also there are additional charges for overnight or express mail delivery. If consultation is required or desired, there is a fee of $50 per half hour.

We have a record of fast service. If you have special needs for speed we can accommodate you.

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