Getting Started

Complete and sign the Land Trust Data Sheet.

Complete and sign the Land Trust Data Sheet.

(Download Trust Datasheet)

You can type in the information of the data sheet…once that is done you should print out a copy to mail the CTS LLC and one for your records.  You will need to provide a signed original data sheet to CTS LLC.  Mail that original data sheet, along with a copy of Grantor’s driver’s license or passport photo page, and payment ($500.00).

When the data sheet and payment is received your Land Trust will be created then mailed to you, normally within three days

If you are purchasing property that will titled directly to the land trust, contact us for additional instructions.

If the Grantor presently owns the property and the property will be deeded to the Land Trust, after the Land Trust is created, we can help with the deed to trust.

If the property is presently in a trust, there may be terms in the present trust that will require a modified approach.

Once the Land Trust Agreement is executed and returned to CTS LLC and acknowledged, you or your attorney can record the deed.  Remember, the Land Trust is controlled by the Beneficiary.  The Trustee is authorized to act only upon the Beneficiary’s written instructions.

Please Note:  if a corporation, LLC or other entity is Beneficiary, director, successor trustee or successor beneficiary verification of the status of the entity and verification of the person’s authority to sign will be required.

Contact us to ask for a free copy the Virginia Land Trust Law. (Click Here)

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