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“The Legendary Jack Miller highly recommended Earl Lawrence Trustee services and I do too! Earl is a true professional with vast knowledge about Land Trusts. Virginia is the ideal location for a Trustee and it is always a good idea to use an out of state Trustee.” Jackie Lange, www.CashFlowDepot.com

“It is important to have both a well written trust and a knowledgeable Trustee, especially when using a land trust, with Citi Trustee Services LLC, you get both”  R. G.

“A recent difficult closing with an even more difficult title company convinces me choosing Citi Trustee Services LLC as our trustee was one of my best decisions. They know their stuff…” F. O.

“For fast efficient service , CTS LLC can’t be beat.”  W. D.

“As a first time real estate investor and new to land trust, Citi Trustee Services LLC’s Premium package was the right decision for me…. and far more than my money’s worth.” P. Z.

“Thanks a lot, very happy, everything delivered on time and as promised.” A. H.

“If you have checked around you know CTS LLC is one of a very few that will take on the role and responsibility of acting as a Trustee…Very happy with them”.  Kris