How many lawsuits are filed each day in America? Are you next?

Our legal “system” is broken. Attorney’s paycheck stops if they solve their client’s legal problem. It seems to me that is a conflict of interest. What do you think? They have an incentive to keep the case open.

If as a landlord or investor you do everything right and end up with some attorney trying to get you in court, that flaw in our legal system can work for you. Here how…

A properly drawn Virginia Land Trust provides for the sitius of the trust to be the location of the Trustee. If the attorney follows the law, service will be in state the Trustee is located.

That one fact can add cost and time to the process of service, (that is getting the legal papers to the Trustee). If the case logically leads you to the decision to settle then it can end there. Insurance should always be the first line of defense.

If it is unfair frivolous suit you may want to make it difficult to execute service.

Sooner or later the cost and time may lead the plaintiff to give up and stop paying their attorney’s fees. It just goes away.

80% of all cases never go to trail. A Virginia Land Trust can stack the odds in your favor that you will not be in the 20%.

70,000 lawsuits are files everyday in the USA.